Restaurant Accounting

Restaurant accounting is different.

Control is harder to achieve.

Lots of inventory is moved by many different actors.

Many of them have interest in pocketing some cash flow.


Weekly Package Includes:

All Transactions Entered & processed

Bookkeeping work:

  • All bills and invoices entered;
  • All bill payments issued;
  • All Payables and Receivables updated;
  • P&L, B/S and other reports issued;
  • Advisory on accounting events.
  • All reconciliations;
  • All new vendors and customers entered;
  • All necessary data entered.

Accounting Reporting

  • All reports reviewed;
  • Reports issued weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually;
  • Reports analyzed and issued graphically;

Controlling Reports

  • Performance analysis over several KPI:
    • Sales to labor;
    • Sales to COGS;
    • Inventory control

Package start as low as $45 a week, depending on the number of transactions and gross sales.