Financial Data Analysis

Financial Data Analysis / Forensic Accounting / Spreadsheet

When you need to understand data, we can help.

The first step is always our Free Consultation.

Clearly, we need to understand from you exactly what your request is.

We then proceed with all the tools at our disposal to produce the results you are looking for. This usually starts with Discovery and the understanding how best to process the data in your possession.

Data mining, analysis and extraction are some of the techniques we use in order to produce the result you’re looking for. We also pride ourselves in the creation of clear, concise and user friendly presentations for the final users of the data.

How Does It Work?

Our Rates and Offers

Our fees for data analysis depends on the nature of the work.

For data entry, we charge $15 an hour. For higher level of data management, extraction, mining, analysis and presentation, we charge between $25 – $50 an hour, depending on the work. For programming work the fee is $100 an hour.

What Can We Do for You?

Our customers’ projects vary in scope and range. They usually boil down to data management such as:

  • Discovery;
  • Extraction;
  • Formatting;
  • Mining;
  • Analysis

Examples of Projects

  • P&L analysis;
  • Balance Sheet analysis;
  • Analysis of margins, labor, COGS, etc.;
  • Budget analysis;
  • Business evaluation;
  • Project costing;
  • KPI comparative studies;
  • Assets definition;
  • Reporting analysis for job costings;
  • Full Period Reports;
  • Financial presentations;
  • Graphics.

Data Analysis

Data analysis follows very much the same pattern as financial analysis with a wider range of data points.

  • Data analysis;
  • Data Collection;
  • Data Compilation;
  • Creation of reports;
  • Presentations.

Forensic Bookkeeping & Accounting

Projects in this field will include the updating of accounts.

  • Investigation into available sources;
  • Sorting and compiling of sources;
  • Data Entry for all sources;
  • Adequate software management;
  • Issuing of appropriate reports.

Spreadsheet Work

We will create and manage the spreadsheet that you need in order to run your business more efficiently:

  • P&L analysis;
  • Budget analysis;
  • Comptrolling spreadsheets;
  • Customized.

Consulting & Advising

In a few hours, we can analyse your business and let you know what there is to improve according to many Key Performance Indicators specially constructed for your business.

Feel free to use our Free Consultation to find out more about what we can do for you.