Bookkeeping Packages

Choose the Formula

that’s Fits Your Needs

Best for Small Business:

$45 a Week Full Bookkeeping Package

We offer a formula which turns bookkeeping into a recurrent bill, with no unexpected increases. For the cost of 3 hours of bookkeeping a week, you get:

Bookkeeping work:

  • All bills and invoices entered;
  • All bill payments issued;
  • All Payables and Receivables updated;
  • P&L, B/S and other reports issued;
  • Advisory on accounting events.
  • All reconciliations;
  • All new vendors and customers entered;
  • All necessary data entered.

Accounting work:

  • All reports reviewed;
  • Special controlling reports issued;
  • Monthly review;
  • Meetings anytime.

Controlling work:

  • Creation of adequate templates for controlling reports;
  • Training bookkeeper in issuing the reports.

Billing is weekly.

For Medium to Large Business

Pay by the Hour

Many businesses like to pay for bookkeeping and accounting according to the time worked on the accounts.

We charge the following:

  • $15 an hour for bookkeeping work, from data entry to issuing reports;
  • $50 an hour for accounting work and oversight;
  • $75 an hour for controlling and spreadsheet work: creation of report templates, etc.

Billing is weekly.